to our home and studios.We live and work here in Sanford,Florida. But we are newcomers here. We lived and worked in Placida, Florida for most of our lives. 

Garry was born in Placida. His family had lived there since 1930 and owned a large fishing business. They had generational fishing families who fished for them and a fleet of Shrimp boats that fished the gulf from Florida to Mexico. It was an extraordinary childhood. 

Margaret was born in Portsmouth, Virginia to a Navy family. They moved almost every year until she was 10 when they moved to Charlotte County, Florida. The same county that Placida is in. Her family was from Maine and her grandparents had been in the Fish Cannery business.

They both attended Charlotte High School. In 10th grade she sat behind him in French class. He was in 11th grade at the time. She could not spell well in English  and so French was  even worse...so he let her copy. She made it by barely...even at this point she thought in art speak. They started dating about a year later. He left for Florida State and a degree in business. She followed the next summer to study art at Florida State. The winter of 1969 they married and this December it will be 50 years.

After college they returned to Placida and worked at Gasparilla Fishery, Garry's family business. After his grandfathers death Garry began to run the business. He expanded it

shipping fish all over the world, delivering to restaurants all over Florida. He designed The Fishery Restaurant and developed the menu and ran it for 28 years. They have two sons, Garret and Christan...both talented and successful in their own fields.

During the years Garry was running the family business Margaret ,at age 30, decided to do something she knew nothing about. She went looking for a medium she could approach with no preconceived  ideas. At a used book store in St. Petersburg she found

an old English book on etching. She read all she could find ...and ordered a small press

from Dick Blick. It came and she did a dry point seahorse ,,pulled it through the press and pulled the print off the plate and her heart stopped...it was magic. For 30 years she did etching the wrong way but loved every minute of it. She traveled all over the country doing art shows and loved every minute of that too.

Garry started painting on and off over the years and somewhere along the way did some shows. So after the restaurant was sold Garry decided to follow a path to clay which he always wanted to do. He took classes at a community college and learned about the clay and the kiln. He loves clay and his work started selling right away. That was about 4 years ago and he works on it each day.

Margaret became interested in computer graphics, again knowing nothing about it, and started exploring . The cards and t-shirts and placemats, etc. have all been designed by drawing in the computer with the mouse and building colored and textures in Photoshop. And now she is working with silk.

Soon after they moved to Sanford, Margaret fell and broke her right wrist...she is right handed. That was this past October . While she is out of surgery and all the casts she

is still getting better...so silk painting is easier on her hand and so no printmaking for a while.

Garry and Margaret came to Sanford because they wanted to live in an old Florida town.

Both of their sons live in the greater Orlando area... and they have a granddaughter here as well. They have had a Gallery for 38 years but closed the location here in Sanford after Margaret broke her wrist. And so they can both spend every day in the studio and look forward to lots of new work. You can email them at thealbrittonartgallery@gmail.com.